How to Succeed Working Remotely as a Nomad

Event Start Date:February 7, 2020Event End Date:February 10, 2020Event Venue:Events on Jackson Trains, buses, planes, cars, cruise ships, parks… In todays digital age, every single one of these places can be your office. Are you curious what it is like to work remotely while traveling the world? I am happy to share my experiences as […]

WordCamp NYC: Google Search: inurl:/wp-content/plugins/vulnerable-plugin/

Everyone knows their WordPress site needs to be secure from hackers, but do you know just how to get there? In this talk I will cover a range of tips and tricks you can use to secure your WordPress site to help stop hackers from getting in. I will cover security hardening techniques along with things like password security and security monitoring regimes. Once finished, you will have a better understanding of your WordPress security posture and steps you can take to help mitigate security risks. *The title Google Search: inurl:/wp-content/plugins/vulnerable-plugin/ is an example of how someone can easily search the web to find sites running a specific plugin that could potentially have a vulnerability.